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Ultimate disc training

Now that you've got the disc let's get to the pain. If you haven't already purchased your disc yet you can get your Ultra-Stars here and your Frisbees here. (Some of the basic differences between ultimate discs are listed below.)

Fundamentals of disc control.

Throwing - Throwing will consist of two main throws (there are a lot more that you'll use)

  1. First, the backhand throw. This is when you curl your arm around the disc and tuck it into your body then straightening your arm releasing the disc in the appropriate direction.
  2. For this throw remember that 70% of your power will be coming from your legs and transferring power from your body to the disc. Keep your legs bent and use your core to rotate in the direction you want the disc to travel.

  3. The second is the forehand throw. This is done by holding the disc out to the side with your fingers on the under side and then singing your arm forward and whipping your wrist in a motion similar to the motion of rat tailing someone with a towel.

These two throws should be practiced over and over to gain perfection. Do this for a few weeks.

Additional Throws

Ultimate discs and Frisbee discs

Ultimate discs consist of all discs used for the game of Ultimate. Some of these discs include the Discraft Ultra-Star, Wham-O Frisbee disc, and Innova Pulsar. Of those 3 the far more popular is the Discraft Ultra-Star. The Ultra-Star is the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series. The Wham-O Frisbee is the original ultimate disc. The Innova Pulsar is

Endless Ultimate Tips:

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is quickly covering every corner of the world with intensity and greatness, and we recognize you are what makes that happen. So Disc Ace is here all the way with new up to date rules, tips, frisbees, gear and more. Disc Ace strives to deliver the highest quality ultimate frisbee resources quickly and efficiently. If there is any way we can make your ultimate frisbee game better please let us know.

Ultimate Training Tip: Become familiar with the disc

Keep an ultimate disc with you at all times. If all you do is occasionally spin it on your finger or pretend to throw it across the room keeping contact with the disc will help with your acute muscle memory which can give you that edge.

Ultimate Training Tip: Jumping

Jump. Jumping is a very important skill to have when it comes to ultimate. And when I say skill I'm not referring to the ability to jump high as much as knowing the technique to get off the ground. There are lot of ways to strengthen the muscles that improve your vertical but you'll have a lot more success catching the disc over your opponents if you have mastered the right jumping techniques as well.

  • When jumping think about how you jump. Focus on the upward thrust of the opposite leg to propel you. And think about how to transfer your running momentum in an upward direction (versus stopping to jump). The ability to transfer your momentum in a vertical direction is an excellent way to get more height without stressing your joints.
  • Instead of taking a long stride outward you want to lower yourself to the ground just before jumping and stride upwards. Use your lower back (always keeping your back straight) and your arms to help project in the right direction.

Practice: Have a partner throw you a disc over and over until you can master the jumping technique in connection with catching the disc.

Ultimate Training Tip (video): Catching a disc that has a lot of spin (by Ultimate Rob)

"Instead of catching the disc with your inside hand (so the disc is spinning out of your hand), it’s best to catch with your outside hand (so the disc is spinning into your hand)." (ultimaterob.com)

Ultimate Training Tip: Reading the disc

If you're playing deep and a huck is coming your way you probably already know that where the disc is and where the disc is going can have little corelation. This is where reading the disc becomes very important.

What does it mean to "read" a disc? "A very basic definition is that “reading” the disc means that you will be able to know where the disc is going based on how the disc looks in the air." (UltimateRob.com)

You can see a disc that is leaning left will fall left and a disc that is leaning hard right will fall right...many a time. But by how much or when to know the exception to that rule will be determined by how much you practice reading the disc. Factors that play a role in which way the disc will go include: tilt of the disc, handedness of the thrower, spin direction (was it backhanded, forehanded, etc.), height of the disc, distance the disc was thrown, power, and wind. Again, the best way to read a disc and know where it's going to land (or be caught) is simply by practicing catching throws.

Keep in mind that wind will always play some sort of factor in the flight pattern. Even if the disc is thrown straight into or WITH the wind.

Ultimate Training Tip: How to Layout

This can be debated quite a bit. But in the end the best method is to not over think it. Let it feel natural and go for it. Focus on the disc. If you are scared don't do it. You'll hesitate and half a layout will quickly get you hurt.



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