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10 Ultimate Frisbee Throws
There are endless throws used in ultimate frisbee games. This is a list of throws that are both popular and very necessary to use. You may not use all of these throws in a game but the more diverse your throwing arsenal is the bigger your advantage over your defender.
Ultimate Frisbee Throws

1. The Forehand
The forehand is also referred to as the flick, two-finger, and side-arm throw. Momentum comes from the flick of the wrist. This is done by holding the disc out to the side with your index and middle finger on the under side of the disc and then singing your arm forward and whipping your wrist in a motion similar to the motion of rat tailing someone with a towel.

2. Hammer
The hammer is gripped just like the forehand but the disc is then brought over head and thrusted forward and somewhat upwards with a wrist flick. The motion is very similar to throwing a baseball... or hitting something with a "hammer."

3. Scoober
A variant of the forehand throw, the scoober, is similar to the hammer and thrown from a backhand stance. The release of the scoober typically more flat than the release of a hammer but the flight path is very similar to the hammer. Used to throw over defenders, the scoober is usually a short 10 - 20 yard throw. While holding the disc with a forehand grip turn the disc over so it's belly side up, and bring the disc across your body. Lead the throw with your elbow and flick the disc forward.

4. High Release
A variation of the backhand, this throw releases the disc above the throwers shoulders to get around a defender.

5. Backhand
This throw is done when you curl your arm around the disc and tuck it into your body then straightening your arm releasing the disc in the appropriate direction with a final flick of the wrist. The thrower should remember to step into the throw for maximum power upon release.

Overhand Ultimate Frisbee Throw

6. Thumber
The thumber gets its name from the grip of this throw with the thumb holding the disc on the inside of the rim and the other four fingers on the top of the disc. The disc is released with an overhand or side arm making sure to flick the wrist through the finish.

7. Blade
The blade is a flat vertical throw used to get over a defender's head. The disc is held the same as in a forehand throw and projected up and forward holding the disc perpendicular to the ground.

8. Overhand
The overhand throw is like a backwards backhand throw. The disc is held with four fingers on the top of the disc and your thumb underneath. The disc is then brought from behind your back around to the front with your knuckles facing up. You then flick your wrist rotating the disc counter clockwise and propelling it forward. See a video demonstration by ExpertVillage.

9. Duck Ultimate Frisbee Throws
This throw is similar to the "Overhand" throw in that you hold the disc with four fingers on top of the disc and your thumb wraps underneath, but the disc is rotated the opposite direction, however. The duck is thrown with the disc pointing towards the thrower and is then whipped with the wrist and forearm in the desired direcion of travel. Like the overhand this throw is usually only used in a quick and catch and release situation.

10. Chicken Wing
Another backhand variation, the chicken wing throw, is gripped the same and released the same as the backhand but the disc is always kept on the right side of the hip (for right handers) instead of reaching across the body.


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