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10 Ultimate Frisbee
This is a broad compilation of games that can be played with an ultimate frisbee disc. These games are not all officially sponsored or even tournament worthy for that matter but each game does offer it's uniqueness
Top 10 Games to Play with Ultimate Frisbees
and potential to be fun. If you have better games you would like to suggest please feel free to submit them to us, and we'd love to hear from you. The games listed below are only a few samples of things you can do with an ultimate disc. See the links for more details about each game. Top 10 Games to Play with Ultimate Frisbees


1. Ultimate Frisbee
Duh. Ok, so you already know this one. Then I suggest making it your own. Make up a new game using an ultimate frisbee disc and let us know if you come up with something great. We'd be happy to list it here as a top 10 if it is truly ultimate worthy.

2. Hot Box
Hot Box is very much like playing half court ultimate. If you don't have enough players for a full game of ultimate frisbee Hot Box is an alternate sport. While you only have one end zone the scoring is the same as ultimate frisbee. Wikipedia.org/Hot Box

3. Goaltimate
Goaltimate is a game derived from ultimate frisbee but to score points you must throw a disc into a goal. Wikipedia.org/Goaltimate

4. Playing Catch
Get a friend, go out side and throw them the disc. When they throw it back to you, catch it.

5. Frisbee Baseball
Using a baseball field the "batter" throws a disc as far as he can (if the field is short you can add the rule that if the disc goes over the fence it's an out). If the disc is caught by a fielder they're out. If the disc is picked up and thrown to first base and caught by the baseman before the batter gets there then they're out but if the first baseman drops the disc then the runner is safe. The rules generally follow that of baseball except there is no pitcher. AFDA.com

Ultimate Frisbee

6. KanJam
KanJam is played by throwing a disc to a teammate who has a can, or container big enough to fit the disc into, sitting in front of them. The teammate then attempts to knock the disc into the goal. You get various amounts of points for hitting the can, knocking the disc into the can and throwing the disc directly into the can. Kanjam.com

7. Indoor Ultimate
The same sport as Ultimate Frisbee only indoors. Usually 4 on 4. This game is great with ricochet passes and wall traps.

8. Pool Frisbee
Pool Frisbee is a simple game of catch off the diving board of a pool. You have your friend throw you the disc while you're in the air and you try to catch it before touching the water. You can award various style points and compete with other pairs of friends. If you want to intensify the experience and happen to have the available equipment Jet Ski Frisbee is very similar but exponentially more fun. eHow.com/frisbee games

9. Jet Ski Frisbee
To play Jet Ski Frisbee you have one person sitting on a jet ski next to a dock where a second person is standing holding the disc. The player on the dock throws the disc as far as possible and the jet skier then takes off after the disc in attempt to catch it before it hits the water. You can award points for flying off the jet ski and catching the disc in the air similar to style points in Pool Frisbee.

Jet Ski Frisbee

10. Frisbee Football
Ultimate frisbee with running allowed. A player may run with the disc but has to drop it if he or she is tagged, or for more intense games if tackled.

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