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Custom Ultimate Discs

Biohazard Discraft SuperColor Disc
Biohazard SuperColor Ultra-Star
Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate Rob Hot Stamp
Circle Tribal Custom Ultra-Star
Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate Rob Hot Stamp
Glow Circle Tribal Ultra-Star
Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate Rob Hot Stamp
Black Circle Tribal Ultra-Star
$20 $10!
Yin Yang Discraft SuperColor Disc
Yin Yang SuperColor Ultra-Star
$20.00 $18.99
Eagle Discraft SuperColor Disc
Eagle SuperColor Ultra-Star
$20.00 $18.99
Starscape Discraft SuperColor Disc
Starscape SuperColor Ultra-Star
$20.00 $18.99
Blue Orb Discraft SuperColor Disc
Blue Orb SuperColor Ultra-Star
$20.00 $18.99
Classic Discraft Custom Hot Stamp Disc
Classic 175g Custom Ultra-Star
Discraft Ultra-Star Orange Tribal Hot Stamp
Orange Tribal Custom Ultra-Star
$14.99 $7.99!
Discraft Ultra-Star Yellow Tribal Hot Stamp
Yellow Tribal Custom Ultra-Star
$14.99 $7.99!
Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate Rob Hot Stamp
Ultimate Rob Custom Ultra-Star
$16.99 $12.99!
Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate Hucket Center SuperColor
Hucket Custom Ultra-Star
$16.99 $9.99!


Discraft SuperColor Discs

The Discraft 175 gram Ultra-Starâ„¢ is the stardard disc of Ultimate. Discraft has developed their own custom designs and printed them in full color on the top of the most sought out disc in the world. This full color printing process allows for high definition printing strait to the Ultimate disc. No foil heat printing, just straight design.

You can take advantage of this high end printing development by having your own photos, drawing, or designs of any kind printed on the top of your Ultimate discs. Get a few people to go in with you and get discs for your club, event, or wedding to stand out in the crowd! Send us your design and we'll get started now...

Disc Ace Exclusive SuperColor Ultimate Discs

Disc Ace has created a few unique designs for your custom disc enjoyment. The Plaid and Yellow Plaid designs have quickly become a favorite among ultimate players as well as the Disc Ace Bottle cap design. You can see these discs featured in RealSimple Magazine and WWE Magazine.

Custom Hot Stamp Ultimate Discs

The Hot Stamp printing process uses foils that adhear with heat to reveal brilliant designs on various colored discs. This customizing process allows the Discraft Ultra-Star to maintian it's official Ultimate game disc status with a splash of uniqueness. If you are interested in purchasing discs with your own custom design visit our customize page now!


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