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Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Ultimate Frisbee Disc's predecessor, the Discraft 175 gram Ultra-Star™ Ultimate disc, became and has been the world standard for Ultimate since 1991. With its contoured grip and aerodynamic engineering, the Ultra-Star™ has become the #1 Ultimate disc in the world. The disc is loved by Ultimate players in large for it's flight consistancy in intense weather and even when damaged.The Ultra-Star was selected as the official Ultimate disc for championship play by USA Ultimate (formerly the Ultimate Players Association) and holds a championship approval status.Though the Ultra-Stars are sometimes referred to as ultimate frisbees in common speach, the Ultra-Star is techniquely not a frisbee, which is a brand name under Wham-O. However Ultra-Stars ARE Ultimate Discs.Shop Discraft 175 gram Ultra-Star Ultimate discs...

The SuperColor is a custom printed Discraft 175 gram Ultra-Star Ultimate disc with a design that covers the entire top face of the disc with a an extremely thin, durable material that doesn't alter the flight pattern of the discs.Discraft has four standard custom Ultimate discs that we offer at extremely discounted prices, and Disc Ace offers several of our own custom designed discs that have become very popular in the Ultimate world. These discs include the Red Plaid, Yellow Plaid, Bottle Cap, and Biohazard SuperColor Ultimate discs.You can custom print your own Custom Ultimate discs as well, starting at a minimum quantity of 50 discs. Simply fill out our custom ultimate disc order form here and we'll begin processing your order...Shop Custom Ultra-Star Ultimate discs...

Ultimate Frisbee® Discs made by Wham-O are the original Ultimate discs played with for Ultimate (formaly known as "Ultimate Frisbee"). Ultimate players used Frisbee discs as their go-to Ultimate disc after being introduced in 1957 and reconstructed in 1964. Since then the Ultra-Star™ has become the standard disc in Ultimate tournaments world wide, though many players still prefer to use original ultimate frisbees today. Ultimate Frisbee Discs are very popular in the 200g Frisbee Disc versions. The "Heavyweight" discs are used for more recreational games of Ultimate Frisbee and catch. They're fun because the heavier weight creates more inertia and so these discs will soar further. Also, these Frisbee Discs tend to be impervious to winds other discs may not hold up to during an Ultimate Frisbee game. You can learn more about Frisbee and Ultimate Frisbee Discs at ultimate frisbees info.Shop Ultimate Frisbee Discs...

The Pulsar Ultimate disc, made by Innova™ is the Official Disc of Major League Ultimate. The Pulsar was completely redesigned for the professional league to fly farther and smoother than any other Ultimate disc. The Innova Pulsar Ultimate disc has a general approval from USA Ultimate, meaning it received a score greater than 50% by members of the Flight Test Pool (more info on Ultimate disc approval levels at USA Ultimate). Check out a Discraft vs. Innova comparative video...Shop Innova Pulsar Ultimate Discs...

We have put together your favorite combination of Frisbees and Ultimate discs at reduced prices for your convenience. Including the favorite PICK 6 and PICK 10 Bundles that allow you to choose which colors you want. Also among ultimate disc bundle favorites include the SuperColor Bundle, Orange Dream Bundle, and more.

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Disc Ace' uniquely designed Ultimate t-shirts with the custom "Dive Guy" on the front and "FLY" on the back are avialble in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. We use a 100% cotton material with a free flowing shape. Stay tuned as we are working up some new ultimate designs for you!If you would like to browse more Ultimate t-shirt designs Disc Apparel offers a variety of designs for very low prices.Shop Ultimate T-Shirts...

Ultimate Frisbee Disc Regulations

The official game disc for almost any Ultimate Frisbee tournament game is 175 grams. USA Ultimate sanctioned games and the majority of worldwide Ultimate events rely on the Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate disc to play with. Major League Ultimate games are played with Innova Pulsar Ultimate discs. USA Ultimate provides approval ratings for Ultimate discs used for games and as of 2013 the Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee Disc was not listed, the Discraft Ultra-Star has a Championship Approval rating (highest available), the Innova Pulsar has a General Approval, the Daredevil Gamedisc has a Champioship Approval rating, and 2 types of custom printed Discraft Ultra-Star discs have Championship Approval levels; the Hot Stamp and SuperColor Center print.

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