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Ultimate Frisbee® Discs

Frisbee Disc White Jump
Frisbee® Disc Classic Orange
Frisbee Disc White Jump
Ultimate Frisbee® Disc White Jump
Frisbee Disc White Run
Ultimate Frisbee Disc White Run
Ultimate Frisbee Discs Pearl
Frisbee Disc 130g Glow-in-the-Dark
$12.99 $9.99!

Frisbee® Discs 200 gram Heavyweights

Ultimate Frisbees Heavyweight
Frisbee® Disc 200g Heavyweight Blue
Ultimate Frisbees Heavyweight
Frisbee® Disc 200g Heavyweight Black
$18.99 $14.99!

Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Ultimate Frisbee® discs are the original ultimate discs used for ultimate frisbee which started in 1967 converting a toy into the object of a sport (Ultimate Frisbee). This design was made with the "Rings of Headrick" (invented by Ed Headrick) which allowed for greater stability in flight and gave way to more precision and easier catching. The Ultimate Frisbee Disc has now transformed with the competitiveness of the game both in form and in style. As you'll notice above the ultimate frisbee discs offered at Disc Ace include four custom designs. These Frisbee Discs include the standard designs as created by Wham-O. Using reflective foiling the ultimate frisbee discs incorporate various Ultimate Frisbee actions involving jumping for a frisbee and catching a frisbee disc. Grab your Original Ultimate Frisbee Disc today!

Frisbee Disc 200g Heavyweights

Frisbee® disc 200g heavyweights are extremely fun discs to throw around. Though these frisbees are not suitable for regulation Ultimate Frisbee games being over the 175 gram weight limit they do allow for more distance and great control. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to take one these frisbees to the beach and just let it rip!


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