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Discraft Ultra-Star: official disc of USA Ultimate since 1991.

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Discraft Ultra-Star: White

The Discraft Ultra-Star is the #1 disc used in the sport of Ultimate worldwide. over 20 years it has been the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series for professional, college, high school and leisure tournaments. Crafted with flight consistancy in mind, the Ultra-Star is the most solid disc on the field. Whether you’re looking to purchase the next disc for your club team or simply one to throw around in the backyard, the Discraft Ultra-Star is your best choice.

Ultimate Frisbee Discs often are used for the thrill of the game and the craftedness of your disc often isn't what your thinking about. Well, you don't have to, because we're hear to help. Ultimate discs with the perfect contour grip and durable polymers to ensure a great game is what we're occupied with day in and day out. So keep your game going; we'll keep the discs coming.

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