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Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate Disc: Red

The Discraft Ultra-Star is the official Ultimate disc of USA Ultimate. Discraft's 175 gram Ultra-Starâ„¢ ultimate disc was created and introduced to tournament play in 1981. Now the Discraft Ultra-Star is the favorite disc of many amature and pro ultimate players alike. The Red Discraft Ultra-Star disc is a solid deep color that's great for day time visibility!

Ultimate Frisbee Discs vs Ultra-Star Discs

Compared to the Ultimate Frisbee Disc the Ultra-Star has a deeper grip and a more durable plastic. The comfort of the rim over long periods of play and repeated throwing have revealed what Ultimate players often find stands out about the Ultra-Star disc over the Frisbee disc. Many Ultimate players still prefer the Ultimate Frisbee disc, but give it a try yourself, buy an Ultimate Frisbee Disc, and let us know what you think!

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